Adult Probation (ADPB)

Adult Probation Day Reporting Program/Intensive Out-Patient Program

The following enhancement was made to the ADPB application forthe Adult Probation Day Reporting Program (DRP) and the Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) program. The new functionality allows for all orientation forms to be accessed and filled out online by program participants.

Once the participant has completed the required information online, the completed forms are then submitted electronically to the DRP/IOP coordinator for review and processing.

This enhancement has eliminated the need for participants to physically travel to the program office to provide the required information and complete the orientation forms. I t has also increased the efficienc y of the orientation process.

Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

CJIS Accounting Enhancements

JIS has worked with the Criminal Court Clerk ’s Office to complete the analysis tofurther enhance the accounting module in CJIS. This project will be delivered in two phases and will consist of improvements to the existing functionality, will provide additional accounting automation within the office, as well as add update cost automation fees. Development on this project is scheduled to begin laterthis year.

Criminal Court Clerk ’s Office Attorney Portal

Attorneys now have the ability to view case events and affidavits through a secure attorney portal, available via the Criminal Court Clerk ’s website. Attorneys must first request access to this portal in orderto use it. Once the request is approved by the Criminal Court Clerk ’s office, the attorney receives their secure credentials to log in to the portal and access the data.

The addition of this functionality allows attorneys to access to this information online, anytime. This has in turn helped to reduce the number of requests for copies of this information that the Criminal Court Clerk ’s office receives.

Projects in Partnership with the State of Tennessee


This past year, The Administrative Office of the Courts made several changes to the forms that are required to be submitted to them. This necessitated that those forms be updated in CJIS to comply with the new requirements.

The Bail for Abuse form is given to all defendants that are charged with specific crimes of domestic violence and include certain bond conditions that must be enforced. JIS worked with the Presiding Magistrate to update this form and also make it available in Spanish.

An acknowledgment section was added to the Bail for Abuse and DUI Conditions form. This section provides a place forthe DCSO employee to sign and make a notation if the defendant refuses, or is unable to sign the form.

Another change was made which gives the Magistrates the ability to create a 12 hour hold for defendants who qualify on the non- domestic violence TCA’s.

The addition of a new field to the Conditions of Release form now provides Magistrates the ability to add comments or additional bond conditions. A new ack nowledgement section allows a Davidson County Sheriff Office (DCSO) employee to sign and make a notation if the defendant refuses, or is unable to sign the form.

General Sessions AOC Data Repository

JIS worked with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC ) to develop a system which allows all data reported by General Sessions Court to now be sent to the AOC electronically. This electronic submission of data not only improves efficienc y, but decreases the risk of errors caused by data entr y duplication.

This project was created by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC ) tofulfill a statutor y obligation to collect General Sessions Court data from ever y county in the State of Tennessee. This functionality was part of the second phase of that project, conducted by the AOC, in which they worked with all counties that do not use the TnCIS application, to meet this obligation. Of those counties, Davidson County was the first to participate in this phase.

District Attorney Victim Witness (DAVW)

JIS worked with the District Attorney ’s Office of Victim Witness to analyze processes and add functionality to their DAVW application which were largely focused on improving access to needed information quick ly, and increasing efficiency.

Some of the enhancements included the addition of color coding abilities in various sections of the application, improvement of sort options, and updates to data printed on forms.

Juvenile Information Management System (JIMS)


JIS has been work ing together with the Juvenile Court Clerk ’s office to implement the ability tofile documents electronically with their office. A third party eFiling application is being implemented and JIS has been work ing with the vendorto seamlessly integrate the eFiling application with the existing JIMS application. In addition to the integration effort, some changes needed to be made within the JIMS application to accommodate the new functionality.

JIS continues to address these changes, while continuing to prepare forthe rollout of eFiling which is scheduled to occur laterthis year.

Online Traffic School (OTS)

Data Improvement

Since inheriting the existing OTS application a few years ago, JIS has worked together with General Sessions Court to make many improvements to it. Some of the changes this past year focused on decreasing opportunities for data entr y errors, and overall improved data accurac y. This was done through the implementation of more validation checks and data entr y standards throughout the application. These changes affect both data entered moving forward, as well as provides the opportunity to validate existing records.

Enhancement to Ticket Lookup Service

This enhancement to the OTS Ticket Lookup Ser vice added additional checks to the criteria used to determine if a defendant is eligible to register for Traffic School online.

Additional checks were put in place to determine if the defendant has a scheduled court appearance, is currently in Compact status or passed their compliance date forthe violation.
If any of these conditions exist at the time of an online registration attempt, the online registration will be denied, and an informational message is displayed forthe defendant to contact the GS Traffic School for class registration.

Much of these determinations are based on data which is located in the Traffic Violations Bureau database ( T VIS). Therefore, in order forthis all to be automated, an inter face between the two applications needed to be built. JIS worked with both departments to create the inter face in orderto seamlessly retrieve the necessar y data from T VIS so that, in conjunction with OTS data, the checks and validations could be completed in the OTS application.

Allow Class Scheduling for ADMIN Docket Defendants

This enhancement to the OTS application enables defendants who are scheduled forthe Traffic Court ADMIN docket to enroll in an OTS scheduled class priorto the specific date and time of their scheduled court session.

Additionally, this enhancement allows the ADMIN docket defendant to pay their T VB school fee along with their enrollment fees when scheduling through the OTS online portal.
Priorto this enhancement, ADMIN docket defendants were could not per form any online scheduling or payment activity and were required to contact the Traffic Violation Bureau to process their request.

Pretrial System (PTAL)


JIS worked in partnership with the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) to add the ability view defendant mugshots from within the PTAL application. This is now available to screeners as they inter view potential pretrial clients, as well as to case managers who subsequently work with clients while they are on pretrial release. JIS is currently planning the implementation of this functionality in other applications in the CJIS suite laterthis year.

Traffic Violations Bureau Information System (TVIS)

TVB Online Payments

JIS worked with the staff in the Traffic Violations Bureau ( T VB) to create a payment portal forthe purpose of processing payments for citations issued for violations of Metro ordinances and traffic offenses.

Defendants are now able to make payments on a ticket or payment plan, submit proof of compliance, request a court hearing, or check the date and time of an upcoming court hearing via the web. This functionality is available on the Circuit Court Clerk ’s website using the following link: https://circuitclerk

This enhancement creates a real-time approval of payments which are immediately
reflected in the T VIS application. This change has significantly improved efficienc y in several areas of the process.

Send OTS Manual Attendance Entries to TVIS

This enhancement forthe Online Traffic School and Traffic Violations Bureau enhanced functionality to a previously completed integration project.

The new functionality allows manually entered class attendance events in the Online
Traffic School application to be sent to the Traffic Violations Bureau database in real-time.

The addition of this feature ensures that any attendance exception records which may not have been received electronically from the online class vendor, are correctly reflected in both the T VIS and OTS applications.

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

Move C3+

Since the Circuit Court Clerk ’s office approached JIS to take on its information technology support a couple years ago, the two departments have worked closely togetherto drastically reduce the hardware footprint as well as minimize the number of applications used with special attention to the elimination of legac y applications and reduction of complexity. One of the big tasks completed this past year was the movement of a particular set of critical applications, jobs and processes off of aging equipment onto a more robust infrastructure. With this phase completed, JIS will continue to work with the Circuit Court Clerk ’s office tofurther consolidate and streamline all of the elements in the new environment.

Banking Application

In a continuing effort to consolidate functionality and eliminate legac y applications in the Traffic Violations Bureau ( T VB), the functions of their current bank ing application, is being developed in the T VIS application.

JIS worked with the T VB staff to analyze the current bank ing application and identify the functionality still being utilized by the T VB team. Additionally, decisions were finalized as to where in the T VIS application the new features would reside and who would have authorization to view and/or use the functionality. The analysis has been documented and finalized and is ready for development.

iNovah & Legacy Cashier

The T VB had two application databases, iNovah & Legac y Cashier, which were used to quer y legac y historical receipt transactions from previous receipting applications no longer used by T VB.
To consolidate data and to have a single application for quer ying the data, the T VB requested to add the legac y data for both applications to the T VIS application. By doing so, the two legac y applications have been eliminated as all data is now available in the current T VIS application.

Website Redesigns and Upgrades

Jury Duty and State Trial Courts

JIS performed an evaluation and redesigned the look and feel of the web sites for Jur y Duty and State Trial Courts. These visual enhancements delivered a modernized look and feel with many user experience enhancements.

This redesign opportunity also allowed for other site upgrades including improved global site messaging for public announcements and additional plugin installations and updates.
Please visit and

Crystal Report Review & Training

Due to staff changes and reassignment of responsibilities, Juvenile Court requested assistance from JIS to confirm, review and document all Cr ystal Reports written by the Juvenile Court staff that reside outside of the Juvenile application.

JIS completed the review and documentation of the reports as well as created a Training Guide for new Cr ystal Report writers on the Juvenile Court team.

JIS also assisted the new Cr ystal Report writers with workstation licensing, installation, and setup of the Cr ystal reporting tool.

Data Analytics

This year, JIS began using Tableau to implement an analytics platform, beginning with the CJIS and PTAL databases, with others tofollow. This tool enables users to visualize data in an interactive way allowing them to see possible trends and patterns. Understanding their data better empowers leaders to make better decisions and implement better processes.

The robust security built into the sof tware keeps data compartmentalized to only those with authorization to access it. Users can explore data using remark able visualization capabilities and export reports, graphs, and data as needed. Several dashboards, reports, and visualizations have been created with more on the horizon. JIS is excited to offer another way to help the JIS departments with decision support tools like Tableau!

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) End of Life

Microsoft has announced that the end of life fortheir IE11 browser is June 15, 2022. Afterthat date, support forthis product will no longer be available. The de -supported browser is being replaced by Edge Chromium.

In preparation forthis, JIS has tested all JIS-supported applications which will be affected by this change. All issues discovered during testing were addressed to ensure that the move to the new browser is seamless.

Operations and Helpdesk

  • JIS Operations and helpdesk staff worked with General Sessions Court and a vendorto install new docket boards in the Justice A. A. Birch building. These boards display information, received and updated from the CJIS suite, which is valuable to all visitors of the courthouse.
  • JIS was able tofurther streamline the hardware footprint by decommissioning overthirty physical ser vers and absorbing their functions through either virtual or cloud-based solutions.
  • With the rise of remote work , and growing ability to access data off-site, it is increasingly important to secure that access and data. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a proven mechanism to assist in doing so. JIS has implemented MFA across the tenant and continues tofocus on security in all areas as a part of its core responsibilities.
  • After a period of moratorium of the PC revolving fund, funding became available to refresh inventor y, and JIS and its customers were faced with over 1200 machines to remove and replace. The last year was spent ordering, imaging, and replacing the old units. JIS has completed the replacement of approximately 20% of PC ’s. 40% of the units are still on backorder with the vendor and a remaining 40% still needing to be ordered.
  • JIS has expanded the in-house imaging area to handle the increased work load of units. With these new areas setup, JIS plans on adding additional K VM and Network switches to handle up to six teen (16) Units at once, while averaging two (2) runs a day with the SCCM imaging system. JIS plans on having all Revolving Fund units completed by mid-2023.