Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

Master Calendar

The Criminal Court Clerk’s office requested new functionality that made the updating of the master calendar for multiple court sessions easier and more efficient. Prior to this, CJIS only allowed the end-user to enter one court session at a time. This enhancement made use of the recurrence functionality that is in Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and allowed multiple dockets of the same type for the same Judge to be entered at one time.

Screen Resizing

The screens in CJIS were redesigned from a fixed display to a more responsive design. The new design provides optimal viewing and an interactive experience for easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile devices.

PowerBuilder Upgrade

In order to stay current, JIS upgraded all PowerBuilder applications to the newest generation of PowerBuilder; PowerBuilder 2017. One of the key benefits of this upgrade was that it is compatible with Windows 10. Going forward, Appeon will be releasing a new generation of the PowerBuilder development platform and JIS will be able to utilize the new features in all PowerBuilder applications.

Folder Tracking

Changes were made to the folder tracking tab in CJIS at the request of the Criminal Court Clerk’s office. Prior to  this change, the folders were tracked on the same tab as exhibits. Now the folders are on a separate tab which is dedicated to keeping track of the physical case folder by allowing the clerk to check in and check out the physical case folder as necessary. This was done in an effort to minimize the chances of case folders being misplaced. The clerk is now able to easily see the history of where the folder has been and who had possession last.

Bond Collateral Release

The Criminal Court Clerk’s Office added an event to the CJIS application which allowed the clerk to release the bond collateral for a defendant but not release the bond. This enhancement provided the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office with an effective way to adhere to the local rules of court.

Partial Expungement

The Criminal Court Clerk’s Office requested that a new partial expungement event be added to the CJIS application based on new legislation. This event allows cases to be expunged only from the public view of CJIS. Enhancements for Commissioners

Risk Assessment

Pretrial Services recently made a change to their assessment process which determines eligibility for defendants being placed on Pretrial. The Commissioners needed access to the risk assessment information, as a result, JIS added data to the tab dedicated to the commissioners. Having this information readily available aids in their decision making process when setting bond.

Domestic Violence Indicator

JIS added a new indicator to the commissioner’s screen in CJIS that must be selected before a charge can be approved. The addition of this flag automatically sets the case sub type to ‘Domestic Violence’ which is then carried over to the case. That allows the clerk to set these cases on the appropriate dockets.

District Attorney Grand Jury (DAGJ)

Imaging Functionality

The District Attorney’s Office requested the capability to add scanned images and associated documents to cases in the DAGJ application. This allowed users to store electronic documents and images at the party and event level. They can scan either a single sheet or multipage documents which are then electronically stored and can be retrieved and printed on demand. Ultimately, the agency would like to make the full transition from paper to digital files.

Blue File Label

The DAGJ application was enhanced to allow printing a label for the case files. Previous to this, the information was being typed, using a typewriter. This enhancement also allowed batch printing of multiple labels with a single click. This added functionality to the DAGJ application that is more efficient and provides a more practical way of tracking the required information.

District Attorney Victim Witness (DAVW) Go-Live

The Victim Witness application was launched automating the creation of cases and logging of events that occurred to a victim of domestic violence. This application also contains full imaging capabilities for the storing of scanned records, electronically. Online report generation will also be implemented.

Juvenile Case Management Mobile (JCMM)

Functionality was added for the Juvenile Court case managers to the Juvenile Case Management Mobile (JCMM) application which included advanced search capabilities, the ability to view school information, the ability to view associates information and the ability to capture and store a profile picture in the application. These changes allow the case managers to use additional information when attempting to make contact with an individual. In addition, these enhancements allow the case managers to view an existing profile picture or capture and upload a new profile picture to the Juvenile Case Management (JCM) application. Users who are granted the new search capabilities will be able to search all cases based on the selected criteria. Previously, a case manager was only allowed to view their own cases.

Juvenile Information Management System (JIMS)

Assessment Processing

The Juvenile Court Clerk requested that the assessment processing functionality in the JIMS application be modified for the current non-state filed petitions as well as new state filed petitions. The request also included new assessment values for state filed petitions. This project, along with the upcoming state invoicing project will allow all accounting transactions to take place within the JIMS application. Prior to these projects, manual accounting processes were taking place external to the JIMS application.

Office of Conservatorship Management (OCM)

Office of Conservatorship Management (OCM) requested new functionality to import data from spreadsheets to update the database without losing existing manually entered information. This ensured that conservatorship cases could be updated correctly and in a more timely manner.

Online Traffic School (OTS)

This past year, JIS began hosting the Online Traffic School (OTS) application for General Sessions Court. The application was previously hosted and maintained by Metro’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department. After taking ownership of the application, JIS addressed application issues that were previously identified but had not yet been corrected. These were fixes and minor enhancements to the application and also included items that were discovered during the transition. Included were corrections to the Cash and Transactions Reports, driver license number field, an enrollment problem and a few corrections to the class functionality. JIS also corrected an existing problem with the OTS message queue used for sending registrations to the National Safety Council. On occasion, the message queue would lock up and stop sending records. When that occurred, the OTS staff had to notify ITS support to clear and reset the message queue for it to begin functioning properly. This correction reduced the number of support calls and improved the application.

Pretrial (PTAL)

Pretrial Services recently worked with the Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) under a grant to review and analyze pretrial data for methodology and analytical strategy. The goal was to develop a pretrial instrument that predicts failure to appear and new criminal activity for Davidson County defendants. CJI provided two new scales which were added to the assessment process in the Pretrial application. The goal of this project was to allow for better pretrial decision-making which could improve individual and community well-being, alleviate jail crowding, reduce costs, and increase the overall effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

User Manager

This was a JIS project to enhance the current functionality of our identity manager tool to include roles. Adding user roles provides an additional layer of authorization for users within our web applications. It also lays the groundwork for utilizing Active Directory for PowerBuilder application access.